Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sweet Smiles

My sweet girls have THE sweetest smiles.  Hallie has always had an infectious smile from her very first grin.  I anticipate Harper having the same!  I haven't been able to catch one of Harper's full-gum grins completely yet, though.  Hallie has a VERY loose tooth!  And it hit me that I always capture "firsts"...but rarely the "lasts".  While we were outside playing, I snapped a few pictures of her sweet baby-teeth smile thinking that this might be the last time all those pearly baby whites are in her sweet head!

The loose tooth...I think most kids are extremely excited about their first loose tooth.  Hallie has been a little worried about it and hasn't wanted us to mess with it much.  Today it is literally hanging on by a thread.  Looking at Hallie, it's the bottom left of the two center teeth.

And this sweet face just wonders when she'll have some teeth! :o)

Harper is smiling at her Big Sister.

Hallie can almost always get a gummy grin from the littlest munchkin!

Harper tolerates a lot from her Big Sister!  Ha!

**The VERY loose tooth came out at the hand of Daddy!  More on that to come!**

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