Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lead Me


Tonight, Jonathan and I had the privilege of being led by Hallie. She conducted her student-led conference in such an exciting and precious way, letting us know all about journal time, her science journal, learning about fairy tales, ocean drawings, apple stations and her accomplishments with the learner profile (a large part of the PYP mission). She wowed us at calendar time and amazed us when she read her product (a book about giraffes) from doing research with a Baylor teaching assistant during literacy stations.

Now, I love a chance to brag on my girl...and she did a great job. With the student-led conference (another component of PYP), the teacher is the observer. It was Hallie's job to convey her learning experiences and become an even better communicator. She is so spunky and has such a great love for learning. And praise God, learning comes naturally and easily for her. We pray that continues to be the case for her and that if and when she does struggle, she will have the courage to struggle right through it by working hard and being a thinker.

We are so proud of our sweet Hallie.

Here are a few pictures from her journal and from her conference.


hannah said...

Sweet Sweet Sweet! How special to see Hallie apply all she's been learning to you guys! =)

Kyetra said...

I love reading her journal! She is just precious!
Harper is pretty cute herself!