Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Walking Down the Aisle


We were so thankful to make it to my cousin's wedding.  There were a lot of frustrations in getting there, but I'm so glad we were there.  I wouldn't have wanted to miss it for the world!  Meredith was a *gorgeous* bride!!  Of course, I never thought she would be anything else!

Congratulations, Meredith and Mark!  Praying for many years of happiness...even in the hard times!

Cutest little flower girls I've ever seen!

Hattie Grace, Abby, & Hallie

Don't let Meredith fool you, she really is goofy. ;o)

Photo by Hallie...I kinda love it.

I was thinking the groom might be OK until I found out he's an Alabama I'm not so sure.

Sweet moment

Larry (the father of the bride and the driver) and Hollis

Harper stayed home with Pop during the wedding...she would not have lasted through all the festivities.  Thanks, Pop!  That didn't keep Harper from participating once the flower girls got home!

Evidently, being a flower girl is exhausting.  We found this at 8:30!  HAHA!

Congratulations and MANY blessings, Meredith and Mark!

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