Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane


Harper's first flight was quite eventful. was eventful before we ever got on the plane.  Suffice it to say, when someone tells you to read the fine print, you should *definitely* read the fine print.  It might save you, oh six hundred dollars or so.  Sigh.  We missed our early morning flight...only, technically we didn't.  It's a long story that I would actually rather not remember.  So we'll move on.  We were able to find another flight (for a pretty penny) and fly to Alabama almost as scheduled.  Sadly, we missed the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner that we were supposed to be a part of.  We spent a good bit of time at the DFW airport.  After finally finding a flight (actually the LAST two seats on the flight), we left DFW and headed to find some lunch...then we headed to Dallas-Love to catch our flight.  Even though things didn't go according to plan, we're thankful we were able to make it to Alabama safely.  There weren't even any tears from either of the Littles during any of the VERY frustrating events.

At DFW patiently waiting on daddy to find us another flight.  It was so early, Harper still had on her jammies!

At Dallas-Love...Harper's first flight!

This little girl is a pro at flying.  Love that sweet face!

Here we go!
(Except Harper moved to my lap at take off!)

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