Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Last Day of K


Oops...I realized I never posted from Hallie's Kindergarten Awards Day/Kindergarten Picnic/Last day of school!

Thankfully, I work with some amazing people and those sweet friends offered to watch my class so I could go to Hallie's award's day program.  There are perks to being a teacher at your child's school and having them there with you...and then there are some frustrations--like missing out on all the little things at school because you have your own classroom to take care of.  But like I said, some amazing people helped me out that day so I wouldn't miss out!  Hallie got several awards including a top achiever award for her class.

Music program

Sweet friends!

Look at those silly faces!

So proud of my little girl!!

Mrs. Smajstrla's Kindergarten Class!

Hailey, Hallie, & Kailyn

Silly girls
Stephanie, Hailey, & Hallie

Ready for FIRST grade!

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