Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Harper's Seven Lately

We have been super busy lately. Not with anything fun, mind you...with lots of sickness. We've been in and out of the doctor's offices, taking off work, relying on grandparents. It has been a rough week and a half that has ended in a "lovely" rash of some sort...cause unknown. In the midst of all that, Harper has still been a sweet little girl! Here's the proof...the last 7 pictures of Harper on my phone.

October 23...Harper lost her pants. And is driving backwards while standing up. I think we're in trouble. Heehee. 

October 21...loving "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". I think Mommy sang this 15 times and Harper continued to sign "again"!

October 20...Harper has moved onto driving bigger cars!! 

October 19...celebrating Auburn's victory over Texas A&M with a little drive! 

October 17...Day 4 of pneumonia and feeling like a little stroll. Backwards and in pajamas, of course. You can see in her little eyes that she's not feeling up to snuff. 

October 15...Mommy got to stay home with this little pneumonia girl. She is so sweet...even when she doesn't feel well. 

October 14...Right before Dr. Burns came in and Harper burst into tears. Also before Harper was a brave little thing having a chest x-ray bc she screamed the entire time Dr. Burns was trying to listen to her lungs. Thankfully, she cried. Thankfully, Dr. Burns ordered an x-ray. That x-ray found a patch of pneumonia!

That's the last 7. Our sweet Harper is on the mend. She has a random rash, again, but is otherwise acting quite normal. I am so blessed by her sweetness and the wonder that fills her eyes as she takes in the world around her! I am so thankful to be her mommy!! 


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