Sunday, January 26, 2014

The End is Near...

Originally written 01.06.14

Tomorrow...I go back to school, Jonathan goes back to work, and Harper goes back to daycare. Hallie still has one more day. She will go back Tuesday. And while I love my job (most days, anyway), I love being home with my own children and The Hubs. It has been a joy to see Hallie and Harper playing. We spent almost the entire break at my parents' house. And now I am terribly "homesick". 

But the visit was good. Hallie got to play a lot with her cousins, Harper started feeling better and explored every inch of Nonna and Pop's house and expanded her vocabulary, I visited with a few friends, and Jonathan rested. It was nice. And cold...very cold. Santa, of course, spoiled the girls rotten, and the Tooth Fairy even visited Hallie on Christmas Eve! 

Before we left for Alabama, Hallie went to the symphony with RahRah and Gramps and then to the Mayborn. 

We had Christmas with RahRah and Gramps. 

Then we were supposed to leave for Alabama Saturday morning...but...Harper had the flu. 

And then a double ear infection. 

But we finally made it to Alabama on Christmas Eve! Just in time for Santa!

Christmas morning...


Movie night! 

Harper got to enjoy the gingerbread house! 

Singing at church (after everyone has left)!

Shopping and then lunch at Johnny Rockets! 

After lots of fighting with her cousins over their Rainbow Looms, Hallie finally got her own Rainbow Loom! Guess how many times she has played with it. Right. Not many. Ha!

Lunch and a movie (Frozen) with sweet friends! 

Spend the night fun!

The dolls go ice skating! Hallie's AG doll got an ice skating outfit...complete with skates! All the dolls had to get in on the action. Pop froze a pan of water so they could take the dolls ice skating. 

Harper likes the AG dollhouse! It's just her size! Haha! 

Cousins! Saying good-bye!

Nonna and Pop with their girls! 

When we got back to Texas, Santa had left goodies for Hallie and Harper at RahRah and Grampsy's house!! 

We celebrated Jonathan's Monday birthday with his parents last night.

And now that all the fun is over, we have to head back into the work week with full force. Boohoo. Christmas 2013 is in the books. It was a struggle to get to the celebrating through Harper's sickness, but it was wonderful once we made it through!! 

Happy 2014!

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