Saturday, August 8, 2015

End of Year--Hallie

Hallie finished up second grade and is ready to move on to third. She'll be attending a new school next year, so we are praying she is prepared. With MV being a PYP school, we really think she will be. She's so creative and a hard worker!

On awards day, Hallie received many awards--Top Achiever, UIL First Place for Creative Writing for second grade, Firat Place for MV GT Fair (2nd grade), Eager Reader, Perfect Attendance, All A's for the year. We are so proud of her! And she is such a sweet friend to her classmates--we are so thankful for her sweet heart.

One of my last sidewalk hugs with my girl at Mountainview--at this time, we thought we wouldn't be at the same school again.  What a surprise to later find out we would be together again!

Hallie's class had a read-a-thon on one of the last days of school.  Hallie loved this...and it was brilliant of the teachers because the entire class was super quiet! Haha! :o)

Every grade level has a picnic on their Awards Day.  It has always been a challenge to make it to Hallie's picnics, so RahRah and Gramps have always filled in the gaps when Jonathan and I couldn't be there!  Here he is enjoying a picnic with two of his cutie pies!

What a wonderful second grade year!  We loved, loved, loved having Miss Dodd!  She was a first year teacher, and an absolute natural!  Hallie has been so blessed with her teachers!  

Hallie Shea...Second Grade High Achiever!

Very last day of second grade.  Last day at Mountainview.  Last day with Miss Dodd.

I love these giant numbers outside the grade levels!

Last day of second grade...Ready for THIRD grade!

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