Monday, December 21, 2015

Travel Time

We took the day off yesterday to rest and regain our strength so we could travel today...had plans of getting up super early and getting on the road. That kind of worked. We left around 5:45...everyone just as tired as we were yesterday. And we were making good time until we hit Louisiana and it started raining. And then raining harder. And here we are, almost to Meridian, and it is STILL raining. We should have rented a boat! Ha! Thankfully, even though it has taken us longer, we are safe. ❤️

The girls have been great--sleeping off and on, drawing, watching movies...and a little bit of arguing in between. 

Their sweet little elves brought the girls Snackeez this morning--the perfect traveling cup! 

Now a little throwback to Saturday night while I'm thinking of it. Jonathan and I were gifted with the sweetest gifts by his parents. Check these out...

If you're interested, here's the guy's website who pencil sketched these amazing drawings (from a picture):

And Harper got some cute gifts (and one not-so-cute really LOUD voice changer...haha), too. But Hallie's was the most precious...her grandparents took a picture that she painted probably 2-3 years ago and had it turned into a "Budsies" (stuffed friend). You can check this out at! 

Stay turned for more of our Christmas adventures! I'm determined to stay up to date (or at least semi-up to date)!

Merry Christmas!