Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Molly-Fish Take 3

Yes...take three. We first got Hallie a fish (let it be known, against my wishes) in early February. I can't deny the happiness it brought my heart to see her excitement. We got her a black Molly fish and another red fish. When she helped get the red one out, she was a little...well, violent. Bless her sweet heart. And the fish's. Nonetheless, Little Red didn't make it through the night. But Molly Fish (as Hallie lovingly named her) seemed strong. That is until the morning of March 5th. We had been up late cleaning on Wednesday in preparation for my parents' arrival. I fed Molly Fish on Wednesday night...woke up Thursday to find her laying on the tank floor. Poor thing. We had hoped Hallie wouldn't notice Molly. She did. We told Hallie that Molly had gone to work with Jonathan...I know, I know. But you should have seen her sweet face! She makes an Oscar winning sad face! Jonathan kindly replaced the fish...and Molly #2 was readily accepted. That is until the very next Sunday (note: 3 days later). Jonathan had quickly gotten Molly #2 out of the tank. We were hoping Hallie wouldn't notice. And she didn't. Our plan was to get rid of the tank and forget the whole fish thing. Actually, the words "You were right, maybe we shouldn't have gotten a fish" came out of Jonathan's mouth (oh, sweet words!). And we were on that road to being fish-free...until Tuesday night. We had Jonathan's parents over and Hallie was playing around as usual. She moseyed on over to the buffet table that houses the fish tank and started calling out "MOLLY! MOLLY!" Then she ran over in baby-hysterics saying, "Momma...Molly?!" Jonathan and I just looked at each other. And you can guess what came out of our mouths--"Molly went to work with Daddy...she'll be home tomorrow." We agreed that she's just not old enough to understand life and death just yet. Which probably means she's not old enough for a fish...but that's another issue. Needless to say, Jonathan came home with "Molly (#3)" the very next day. I snapped a few pictures of the occasion. Jonathan was wiser this time--no more $1.50 Black Molly fish...he got a "Titanic"...a Beta fish. :o) We'll see if we can keep this Molly kicking. Hallie looked confusedly at the fish at first. Maybe b/c it was in a little cup and not a bag like the others. I know she noticed that this Molly had long, flowing fins unlike the Mollies before. I told her that Molly had grown some long, pretty fins. She accepted my answer and was immediately excited about her new friend.

She's thinking "This is NOT Molly."

OK...I'll take her!

Hallie is SO very excited!

Giving Molly kisses. So sweet.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my sweet Hallie! I hope Molly #3 makes it. :-) Wish ya'll could have been at the party today. We missed ya'll. Maybe next year?? Hugs and kisses, Nonna

Joy said...

How funny! I like the answer you gave her for each 'incident.' :)

Scroggins Family said...

That is too funny! I love the way Molly #3 grew long fins-good answer Mommmy!

Stephanie said...

hahahahahaha. i tried to tell you to get the fish tank lamp. those fish never die and you don't even have to feed them or clean the tank. at least jonathan admitted that you were right. that's gotta be victorious. ;o)

The Belton Family said...

Poor red fish and Molly and Molly...=) I do love that Hallie just accepted that the answers you gave her were true. Children are so trusting at that age.

Alicia said...

Oh my! I'm so glad you captured this event on your blog. It will make a wonderful retelling when Little Miss is older! I love how the fish went to work...I may borrow that one day!