Saturday, February 13, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well...this is my "old" Home Sweet parents' home. :o) While we only got a tiny amount of snow in Waco on Thursday night, the storm that apparently was just north of us in Dallas continued on into Heflin, Alabama. And around 10 am, this is what started hitting the ground. Isn't it beautiful?! It hasn't snowed this much since the "Blizzard of 93". And really...the snow they got on Friday is quite slim compared to 1993. Then, we were out of school for a week or more and without power! I remember being devasted because I couldn't see my boyfriend! LOL! My bedroom was on the left front corner and there was a snow drift covering half-way up the window (or maybe more)! That snowstorm covered a huge portion of Alabama--you can see some pictures and read some stories HERE. Do any of you remember the Blizzard of 93?!

Thanks, Pop, for sending me some pictures...boy how I miss having all the seasons! I suppose I got to experience a little bit of it, though. And really, it has snowed twice here in the past several months. That's more snow than I have ever seen in Texas!

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