Friday, November 19, 2010

Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes

 Early Release Day...out of school at 11:00.  I pick Hallie up at noon and head to downtown Waco for some yummy lunch with family and friends before heading over to the convention center for a who-knows-how-long "staff development" (my cousin says that sounds like a serious infection...I agree!).  With coloring books, crayons, snacks, and nap mat in tow, Hallie and I park ourselves along the back wall of the cement (and rather uncomfortable) floor of the convention center.  I barely listen to any of the opening remarks from all the important people because I'm trying to wrangle my 3 year old who also had Early Release at her school.  Let the bribing (or the threats) begin.  Being wildly embarrassed at how my preschooler was acting, I decided to nonchalantly use her as my way out of the lovely (and quite large...and also people-filled) room.  I'm walking probably 10-15 feet in front of her so that perhaps people won't actually know that the cutie patootie who is stomping (loudly) behind me and also yanking a bag of SunChips off the back snack table belongs to yours truly.  I'm pretty sure I was unsuccessful.  At least that's what it felt like as I hear all the snickering.

Nevertheless, hands full, we headed to the car...Hallie vehemently disobeying the entire way.  I had my eyes fixed on the two hour+ nap I would soon be blessed with!  We had a big night planned--Disney on Ice!  Hallie just HAD to have a nap!  However, when we got home, the girl would have nothing to do with a nap.  I told her we couldn't go to the special surprise if she didn't nap (we hadn't told her about the ice skating adventures).  Finally...after an hour long resistance strategy, Hallie gave up and napped.  While she napped, I took a load off by finally watching The Last Song--Miley Cyrus, while not enjoyable, wasn't as bad as I thought she'd be in the movie.  Moving on.  Two and a half hours pass and it's getting close to the time that we need to be getting ready for our little adventure.  I have to wake Hallie up...she was NOT happy about this.  Jonathan got home and we scurried around trying to get ready.  We headed out and met RahRah to get the tickets to the show.  We grabbed a bite to eat (oh yeah, and a princess dress beforehand) and headed to the coliseum.  Hallie was super excited...but not showing it in a very big way.

At last--Disney on Ice:  Princess Wishes. I'm not sure what I expected of Hallie, but I think I thought she'd be a little more giddy about the whole thing.  Far from it!  She was absolutely mesmerized by the entire production!  And honestly, she didn't get her nap out...the girl was extremely sleepy the entire time.  However, it didn't disappoint--the costumes and effects were wonderful!  Hallie loved it, though she wasn't very expressive about it.  haha.

I should have taken the longer lens with us...I don't know what I was thinking.  So while we snapped a few pictures (thanks to Jonathan's savvy knowledge of all things photographic), they're not all that great.  Still...they'll do. :o)

Daddy and his princess pre-show!

Mommy and her princess!

Aladdin (this part of the show was a little too long for our enjoyment.

The seven dwarfs

Snow White and her prince

Belle and Lumiere 

I loved the silverwares' costumes! :o)

The Little Mermaid--Sebastian and all of Ariel's sisters


Hallie's eyes were completely glued to each performance!

The three fairies (Sleeping Beauty)

Cinderella!!  Now, this part wasn't long enough at all!!

All of the princesses with their respective prince...Tinkerbell in the carriage. :o)

Hallie after the show!  She wanted to see it again! :o)

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Kristen said...

We saw this show last year and loved it! Even though Ellie was only two, she sat through the whole performance enjoying every minute of it. Glad you guys got to go!