Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving in Houston

We headed to Houston to celebrate Thanksgiving with Jonathan's side of the family.  Fun times.  It was a very long trip--or as Hallie would say, it was "very far, far, far, far away...but not as far as Nonna and Pop's house."  LOL. :o)  We thought Hallie was going to be the only little bit there, but after just a little while, some of the other cousins arrived, and the rest was history.  They had lots of fun playing outside in the unseasonably warm weather!  The little ones wanted to badly to play in the pool, so we tucked their dresses up and let them splash.  They ended up getting pretty wet.  The water was quite chilly, but we quickly realized that it's no chillier than Nonna and Pop's pool in the dead of summer!  Ha!  Thankfully, I had packed an extra set of clothes for Hallie, and they came in handy!  It's always great to spend time with family. :o)

Caroline, Karston, Hallie, and Scott


The kids had so much fun simply walking around the hot tub and the pool...we were certain there would be a loud splash at some point.  Somehow we escaped that! :o)

Hallie said, "It's COLD!!"

Philip (Jonathan's cousin) spent about 20 minutes swinging Hallie and Caroline around and around.  He was pretty dizzy and worn out after all their "Do it again!" cries!

Philip told Hallie and Caroline that it was his turn for them to swing him around!  Ha!

Sharing Nerds

Look at those sweet faces--Caroline and Hallie

Playing in Aunt Joann's dollhouse--they had so much fun!

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