Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We finally broke out the Babycakes cupcake maker.  I told Hallie we would, and even though it was really too late to be making cupcakes, we went ahead and made them!  Really...I wish I had've had more time to read the instructions.  You'll see why in one of the pictures...

The cute little pink cupcake maker!

 Hallie ready to mix!

The cupcakes are in...

 They are ready...now, the little booklet says they'll cook unevenly.  Why?!  I mean, don't you think someone could figure out a way for all the cupcake spots to heat evenly?

Ah...the reason I should have read the instructions more carefully.  I wasn't sure whether or not I could put cupcake liners in this little cutie.  I figured I could since they don't catch on fire in an extremely heated oven, but I thought "if I don't find where it says I can, then I might catch something on fire"!  And since I wasn't going to be standing right there with the cupcakes as they cooked, I didn't want to take any chances.  Wow--I wish I had've just gone ahead and taken a chance!  Sigh.  

Here's what happens when you don't use cupcake liners (which by the way, you can totally use).  I'd be lying if I said I immediately cleaned this as soon as I was finished icing the cupcakes.  I'd also be lying if I said the cupcake maker was all cleaned up and put away right now. ;o)

Our finished product!

The cutest taste-tester in the world!

 The cupcakes were delicious, by the way! :o)

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