Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grandmommy!

Sunday (Jan 30) was Jonathan's grandmother's birthday, so we had lunch at Gramps and RahRah's house to celebrate.  Grandmommy turned 82!  Happy Birthday, Grandmommy!

It was a little hard to get these two to look at the camera! :o)

Gramps and Grandmommy

Hallie helping Grandmommy open her present :o)

What a sweet picture!  Hallie loves her RahRah!

Hallie, Grandmommy and Jonathan with the picture Hallie made for her--"Hallie and Grandmommy Holding Hands"

After we got home, Hallie began working on another masterpiece. :o)  This has become her little art table where she does all her work.  So cute!

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