Friday, September 23, 2011

Tea Party Fun

Hallie had the wonderful pleasure of attending a sweet friend's tea party at Pinwheel Kid's!  And to add to the fun, we picked up another friend on the way there!  Hallie had a blast, as did all the little girls.  It was very cute--they were read a story, made a hat, made a bracelet, and dined on "tea" and treats all while dressed to the nines in fluffy skirts, feather boas, sparkly jewelry and gloves!  It was definitely a party we will remember!

Sweet friends getting ready to go inside.

Can you spot Hallie?!

Well, every princess has to be dressed for a tea party!

The birthday girl!


Nonna said...

Hallie looks like she had a great time at the tea party and dressing up was her "thing" for sure! :-) Love ya'll.

Kyetra said...

Love the tea party! Every little girl's dream!