Thursday, September 29, 2011

We have a little Cubbie!

Just look at this little girl! :o)  That is one happy face after Cherub's Choir and an hour and a half of learning and playing at Cubbies.  Her face was absolutely ecstatic when I picked her up at church last night--she was so proud of herself for reciting her verse and receiving her Cubbies vest.  Now, on to earning more patches by reciting more verses.  

We are so excited for her as she learns to hide God's Word in her heart.  Jonathan and I were both marveling at what a blessing it was to hear Scripture pour from her lips.  What a tremendous blessing!  We are thankful for parents who raised us to love and fear God, and we are exciting to teach Hallie about His amazing love!



Kyetra said...

Look at sweet Hallie!
I hope that we have Cubbie here when Taft is old enough.

Nonna said...

What a cutie pie! Tell her that Nonna and Pop are VERY proud of her and to keep up the good work.