Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Camp Abby

Welcome to Camp Abby...an evening filled with giggles and fun by some pretty cute little girls!  

Friday evening (March 17), 12 little girls gathered at Camp Abby for an evening of fun.  They had a movie, crafts, food, cake, and presents.  Not to mention a whole lot of room to just run around and be crazy girls!

Making a door hanger and a necklace.

The birthday girl and her daddy.  Love my brother!

Sweet girl with her bottlecap necklace.

Hallie & Pop

Cute Little Campers!

Abby--The Birthday Girl!

Hallie in her chair with her cute nametag. :o)

Cute Campers

More Cute Campers

The "Behind the Scenes" Gals
Mrs. Edie and Nonna

Pop and Kelly cutting sticks for roasting marshmallows. :o)
After I took this picture, my brother said, "Really?"

The cake.

Making a wish!

 Ready to roast marshmallows!

HG, Kelly, & Abby

Hallie and Mrs. Edie

The next day...pinata time!

Hattie Grace giving it a shot

Hallie whacking the pinata...I told Jonathan she might need to play t-ball.  lol.

And the good-bye...Nonna, Hallie, and I headed to Birmingham and Pop stayed behind.

I realized that I didn't take very many pictures over Spring Break.  Honestly, we didn't do that much.  I got some sweet time with my momma and daddy.  Hallie got to play a lot with her cousins.  And I got to have lunch with my sweet cousin, Rachael, and hear all about her fiance and her wedding plans.  I am so happy for her that she has found an amazing guy!  I ate lunch with my sweet BFF, Mandi, at a new place (can't remember the place) that had the most delicious calzones and FRIED PEPPERONI CHIPS!  Oh my!  And to top it off, I got to meet my lovely cousins/BFF, Stephanie, at Zaxby's (my third time that week--ha!).  At all, there was lots of good conversation and laughter!  Overall, it was a good Spring Break.  Wish it had been longer...wish Abby had been out of school so we could have done more.  But again, it was a good, restful week that even allowed me to sit by my parents' covered pool and get a little sunshine on my pasty white skin. :o)

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