Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Walk Down Hallie Lane

Hallie's last day of PreK has me reminiscing.  I just cannot believe my sweet little girl is five years old...I cannot believe she'll be starting kindergarten in the fall!  I'm definitely looking forward to spending this summer with her as my "only" before she becomes a big sister.  The fall will bring many wonderful changes...but I don't ever want to forget Hallie's "little years".  As I've been walking down Memory Lane, I've been looking at old posts of Hallie...mostly from when she was two and under as I haven't made it through the past three years of her blog yet!  Here are a few of my favorites...I had to stop b/c I think I could just repost them all.  Some we had forgotten about--so I am SO very thankful for today's technology and this online scrapbook! :o)  Hallie is such a treasure and we love her so incredibly much!!

VIDEOS (Click on the pink link):
The Giggle Straw (10 months old)
Frogs and Mazes (11 months old)
Christmas Cards (2008)
Miss America 2027 (2009)
How Big is Hallie? (2009)
Pop's Hat (2009)

STORIES/PICTURES (Click on the pink link):
Hallie in the Sink
Hallie Coloring
Hallie is ONE!
Uno for One
Parade on Cumberland (2008)
87 in January (2009)
Conversations with Hallie (2009)

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